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8549 Swan Ave. Newaygo, MI 49337

Pastor Dr. Rick Tuttle Ph.D. 

Church (231) 652-9940     Cell (231) 255-2726

We are an Independent, Fundamental, Bible Believing, Baptist Church located in Newaygo, Michigan. We are dispensational and pre-millennial in our beliefs.
…a place to call Home
A church home is not easy to find. You can find a lot of church houses, but the real challenge is to find a warm, loving church home inside. We believe Bills Lake Baptist Church is the kind of place where you can grow spiritually, find genuine love, prayer support, and really feel at home. Consequently, we believe we were placed together as a family to help one another, to build a safe, kind, nurturing environment, and to create a real spiritual home on Earth until we reach our eternal home.
We believe the KJV Bible is God’s divine revelation and communication to His children. We also believe the Bible is totally inspired and infallible and perfect. But even a perfect guidebook is useless if you don’t follow the instructions inside. So we here at Bills Lake Baptist Church operate according to God’s Book and we conduct ourselves according to it, as well as live believing its message and promises. Give your family a Biblical foundation and old-fashioned family values by studying and worshiping with us.
Sunday School….10:00am
Sunday Morning…11:00am
Sunday Afternoon…1:30pm

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