When I left the Military, it was a year after my tour in Desert Shield / Desert Storm.  I thought I was going home to be in peace once again, but did not know anything about PTSD or its effects. When triggered it was like having a “Beast Within” that took over. 

It took me a long time to finally realize the cause and effects of this trauma, both on me and my family. I have spent the past four years trying to write a book that would help both, those of us with PTSD, but also our families that live with and around us. 

Let’s just say, as hard as I tried, it didn’t happen the way I expected.  After being “Triggered” into six PTSD episodes in five weeks in four Baptist Churches, I believe GOD give me the words and inspiration. Then it only took a little over 48 hours of writing from start to finish this book.

GOD gave us this work to help Veterans so that they can find the Peace that passes all understanding through a study of what PTSD is and how we believe King David of the Bible dealt with his PTSD!

Let’s get this book in the hands of our Veterans across this nation! 



We did a test review of this book for feedback, before sending it to the publisher .

Three Veterans; two were in combat,

Three Pastors; one was a Veteran,

Three Civilians; two were Pastors.

They were asked a variety of questions about the cover, subject matter, was this book informative on PTSD, and if so did it help you personally. The returned responses to all questions were: 100% Yes and Positive

Several said they were not readers but this book kept pulling them in.


What did you learn about PTSD from this book that you did not know before?

Pastor: How to help a Veteran with PTSD.

Veteran: We are not alone in this struggle.

Combat Veteran: It shows me how to react to a Veteran in distress.

Combat Veteran: Although triggers are different the outcome of what we feel and go through is the same. We are not alone!

Civilian: I never understood what PTSD was until I read this book; it makes me have a deeper respect for all those who have served our Country.

Korean War Veteran: Very much, before I read this book, I thought PTSD was only a war time result, but now I realize it can be caused by other traumatic events as well.

Would you recommend this book to a Veteran dealing with PTSD? 100% Yes

Pastor Mike Whitt: As I read “PTSD, The Beast Within,” I found myself weeping on numerous occasions, realizing the extent of what our men and women go through after their time of serving. Pastor Mike Whitt, New Life Ind. Baptist Church

H. D. Williams, M.D., Ph.D. ~ U.S. Army Physician “This book will be tremendously helpful for any who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), including veterans, policemen, firemen; doctors, nurses, or anyone exposed to the vulgarities and trauma of life
Vietnam Combat Veteran This book will help both the Veteran and their family understand PTSD better.” 
Pastor Dr. Rick Tuttle Ph.D. ~ U.S. Navy Retired I really enjoyed the book that shows someone that PTSD is not a fearful unsolvable problem that must be endured alone.” 


Candace Kidman: I learned things I didn’t know about my dad, and now I understand him better.

Pastor Doug Foster: Your book has helped my father-n-law.

Preston Davis: Just wanted to let you know how much of a blessing your book is! I brought it to school with me because I work with some students that have serious anger issues. Today I asked if anyone wanted to read it and one did. He said it’s one of the best books he’s ever read; it’s making an impact.

Amy Hicks: I’ve started reading it, I think it will help me to understand what my dad went through when he came back from Vietnam.

Rodger Powell: Reading this book has given a little better prospective on the struggles of those with PTSD. It has also given me a bigger burden for them as well.

Randy Kidman: As a combat veteran the book was an easy read that pulled me in so as to want to read more of it. There is helpful information for people with PTSD. I feel from my perspective that it would especially be of value for families that have someone that has PTSD to read. It would help them to understand what those of us that have it deal with, and what is going on in our heads. Anyone reading it needs to plan on reading it in one day, two at the most. I put it down twice but read it through in one day.

Mac: PTSD The Beast Within is a powerful addition to the growing body of literature surrounding PTSD. Doctor Kidman served in a frontline field artillery unit during the First Gulf War and writes from experience. It is that firsthand knowledge that resonates throughout the book. It is well written and the pages flowed as I read it. I was able to get through in just two sittings, taking my time to let the stories and the lessons absorb. What I found equally powerful was the connection to a healing path through faith. I knew Sergeant Kidman during the war and served with him. He was kind and compassionate then and he has devoted his life to helping veterans. I am honored by his friendship and moved by his most recent book. If you or anyone that you know has struggled with trauma and its lingering aftermaths, read this book and learn why and how the mind and body respond the way that they do from situations and experiences that remain indefinable and know that you are not alone.

Jeff Neff: Very relatable as a Vet with PTSD. At first, it seems like another book from an old Vet just telling stories. Then, you quickly get the sense that there is a purpose for this. Each new experience he kept sharing was what kept him feeling isolated from society. We are not alone and we can truly count on God to get us through those hard times. Well written and organized. Very much enjoyed the biblical lessons drawn from this book.

Mike Palkki: Your book was a great blessing to me, and even after struggling with PTSD myself for over 10 years now, I had several light bulb moments that I didn’t understand or connect with PTSD

Daniel Tellez: Written by my good friend and Army Brother whom I worked with and stood next to in Desert Storm.
Korean War Veteran: Someone gave me your book on PTSD. I haven’t read all of it yet, but what I have read has helped me immensely! (He approached me at a Community Veteran’s event, it was the first time we met, he said he would read the rest that evening.)
Amazon Verified Customer:
Good book for us Gulf War guys. The author really helped me out on a personal level that no one else has ever done.