This book was reviewed by five people for feedback.
    Three Veterans; two were in combat,
    Three Pastors; one was a Veteran,
    Three Civilians; two were Pastors.
They were asked a variety of questions about the cover, subject matter, was this book informative on PTSD, and if so did it help you personally.
The returned responses were: 100% Yes
   Several said they were not readers but this book
   kept pulling them in.
What did you learn about PTSD from this book that you did not know before?
   Pastor: How to help a Veteran with PTSD.
   Veteran: We are not alone in this struggle.
   Combat Veteran: It shows me how to react to
        a Veteran in distress.
   Combat Veteran: Although triggers are different the
        outcome of what we feel and go through is the
        same. We are not alone!
   Civilian: I never understood what PTSD was until I
       read this book; it makes me have a deeper
       respect for all those who have served our Country.
   Korean War Veteran: Very much, before I read this
       book, I thought PTSD was only a war time result,
       but now I realize it can be caused by other
       traumatic events as well.

Would you recommend this book to a Veteran dealing with PTSD?        100% Yes

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Let’s get this book in the hands of our Veterans across this nation! I have spent the past four years trying to write this book but it took GOD to give me the words and inspiration after being “Triggered” into six PTSD episodes in five weeks in four Baptist Churches. After that it only took a little over 48 hours of writing to start and finish the book after years of trying but nothing worked. GOD gave us this work to give to Veterans so that they can find the Peace that passes all understanding through Salvation in Jesus Christ!
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