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The road to religious freedom is one that is bathed in the blood of Baptist persecution.






 $20.00 Each

 $20.00 Each


It is 1771, and the oppressed Regulators take the risk and stand against Governor Tryon. The repercussions are more than anyone anticipated. The Price Of Freedom follows Pastor Tidence Lane and a Group of Regulators as they retreat over the mountains and Into hiding. They must start their lives over and begin rebuilding their families after losing everything to the hands of the British. These defeated Regulators must find the courage to come back Over The Mountain and take back their lands, their homes and their FREEDOM.

In 1755, Shubal Sterns led a wave of Baptist Revival that began in Sandy Creek, and washed up over the mountains into the South. The. State religion and the heavy tax burden both fed the flames beneath the simmering colonial uprising. The Regulators, consisting mostly of colonial farmers, formed to protest against the rampant tax extortion and persecution of the citizens. Based on True events "The Over Mountain Men" is a moving action drama depicting not only the Patriot spirit which formed the Independence of our Nation, but also the strong influence of Baptist Churches.



The “Over Mountain Men Rise Of The Regulators" is the first in a series of films that will open the eyes of many Baptist  to a Heritage we never knew we had!  If you have already viewed this film then you will want to get the next film about our Baptist Forefathers.

The “Over Mountain Men The Price Of Freedom" is the second in a series of films that shows the suffering of our Baptist Heritage leading up to the American Revolution  Again I’m definitely looking forward to the next film, as should you, if you desire to learn more about our Baptist Forefathers.

Dr. Russell L. Kidman Ph. D.

Missionary to our Military &

President of Liberty Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary