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America in Crimson Red accurately chronicles the rise of the Baptists and their struggle for religious liberty. It is evident that the author has spent much time in researching many credible documents and histories of a bygone era. He has collated the facts of history with unusual insight and candor. The result is an excellent treatise that is a must read for every Baptist. The reader can expect to gain a good working knowledge from the following narrative and will be rewarded with a greater appreciation for the labour, sacrifice, and courage of the many Baptists who stood firmly upon scriptural principles despite severe persecution.

Pastor Jeff Faggart
Harvest Baptist Church
Baptist History Preservation Society


Throughout more than thirteen years as an Assistant/Youth Pastor and over twenty years in the Ministry I have from time to time been requested to give my testimony.  Depending on the crowd, whether young or old, I have given different parts of that testimony. Rarely have I had the opportunity to share the total story of how God worked in my life to bring me to the knowledge of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and prepare me for the Ministry He would thereafter call me too. This book is a composite of the stories which make up my life, painting a complete picture of God at Work.  Although it is though my life that this picture is painted, it is The Artist and His finished work that should be praised and not the brush.  

Dr. Russell Kidman Ph.D.