What We Do

We Support Our Troops 




In a two-fold manor

We want to focus on both the Service Member and Their Family because they are giving of their time, talents, and believe it or not their treasury as well, to defend this Great Nation and Each of US here at home…

  • They are sacrificing time with their families. I personally missed the entire first year of my daughter’s life and it took nearly 15 years to reestablish that bond which was never initially made.
  • Talk to them when you have a chance and you will find that thy are doctors, lawyers, firemen, policemen, truck-drivers, farmers and the list goes on…are who is serving in our Military today… protecting you and your family.
  • Many of our Troops have given up jobs and careers, which were far more lucrative than the meager pay they receive as a member of the United States Military, and they need our help.



Sending Care Packages to those who are deployed

  • We will send a care package to any deployed Soldier regardless of branch of service or if they are active or National Guard or Reservist.
  • We will continue to send care packages as long as the Soldier keeps in communication with us via letter or Email.
  • We will try to meet the needs of Soldiers if they request specific items.  In the past we have sent fuses, squeegees, lamps, tools, etc all upon request because of donations of those items.

 Reach out to Family Members at home

  • We are always willing to meet with Families to assess their needs and how we can further help them during the deployment of their Loved one.
  • We will work with the Families left behind to assist them in getting in contact with the proper organizations to meet those needs.
  • We will work with Families to find or develop a local support group they feel comfortable with.
  • We are always available to call or Email if you have questions.

Helping Soldiers get reacclimated to society once they come home

  • Most people think of the Soldier coming home as a happy time but sometimes it is very difficult to adjust back to Civilian life; the Soldier has changed, Momma has changed and Society has also changed since they left home.
  • We offer assistance to any Soldier and their Family who is having trouble once they come back home.
  • We offer every Soldier the opportunity to further their education.  Because of our affiliation with a Correspondence Bible College we can offer an Associate Degree FREE of Charge if you enroll during your deployment or up to one year after getting back home.
  • We will help you plan Celebrations to Welcome Home your family Member.  As a combat veteran myself there were things done at my "Welcome Home Party" that although they were not intentional they did cause problems. We can offer suggestions that may help to avoid some of those types of problems.
Correspondence Bible Classes




  • There is not a “Church” to attend when in a combat zone, but that does not mean that learning must be suspended. Rather it is a perfect time to study God’s Word.
  • Whether it is taken for credit and a degree, or just for knowledge we have a complete study program with Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees.

Christian Soul Winning materials

  • If we do not supply them with materials who will? They will need good Tracts, Bibles, New Testaments, etc…
  • Although we are to witness all the time it is interesting to note that one man that I witnessed to during the Persian Gulf War called me up nearly 11 years latter to let me know that my witness was not in vain.

Help Family Members find a Good Local Church near their home

  • Many people come to Know the Lord during a time a great turmoil and have no background in what makes a Good Church it is therefore necessary that we direct and guide in this most important step of a new Christians life.
  • This is also why we need Churches from all across America supporting this ministry, as they will be the first Churches that we contact when we meet someone from their State or area.

Biblical Counseling for Transition back into Society

  • Although this is listed last it is probably one of the most important parts of this Ministry.
  • Just because a man / woman comes home with all their fingers and toes does not mean that they are all right.
  • After being home for over 15 years I still have night sweats, dreams nightmares, and become overwhelmed at times. I have learned to live with these things, but it took work and patients on behalf of my wife and family to get me through some really tough times. Now we offer this help to those returning home and their family as well.


We have never been more sure of what God wants us to do than we are about reaching, helping, and evangelizing the Military and their families. Will you SHARE in this burden God has laid on our hearts?