Help Families

We count it a privilege when we get the opportunity to meet with the Families of Soldiers and a greater privilege when we actually get to help them with the things in life.  Sometimes they just need a helping hand or word of encouragement.  Sometimes they have problems with their house and do not know how to fix it or who to call. Sometimes it is the parents and not the spouse that we meet who need a word of encouragement about the sacrifice their son/daughter is making for Country.

We have helped families move, replace water heaters, with furnace repairs, mowing grass, and even moving while their family member is deployed to a Combat Theater. We have found mechanics that offered their labor free of charge and provided transportation for Soldiers without a vehicle.  This we do so that we may earn their trust and eventually lead them to the LORD Jesus Christ and into a good Local New Testament Baptist Church in their area.  Sometimes they just need an ear to listen for a while because of the stress of being separated from their loved one.  

 I guess to sum it up… "We Help Soldiers and their Families"