You don’t have to have a Military Base out your back door to have Military men and women living around you. There are National Guard, Reservist, Veterans, Spouses and Parents of Soldiers who live right in your community. We believe that God has called us to reach out to these Troops and that He has prepared us for this Mission as I am also a Combat Veteran of Desert Storm. We are trying to reach out to Soldiers and their Families during two of the toughest times of their lives; while their family member is deployed and once they come back home. We not only help the Soldier but try to reach out to the family as well. We cannot accomplish this Mission on our own because we do not live where you live but with your help we can reach these troops who live all around us, work next to us, and shop where FREE Associates Degree
we shop. We desire to help Soldiers and their Families, so if you know of a family who has a Soldier deployed right now, then please get that soldier’s deployment information to us so we can send them care packages during their deployment.

This is available through Liberty Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary to any Honorably Discharged Veteran, Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard Soldier regardless of branch or dates of service. For more information or to download an Application Click HERE

We are sent out of Bills Lake Baptist Church in Newaygo, Michigan but we live and travel in an RV, visiting the Local Baptist Church to help them reach the Troops who live near in their area. Therefore we cannot be in  one place all the time but need someone who is willing to work with us to reach those in your area. We cannot accomplish this mission alone we need your help. If you would please allow us to present our Ministry at your Church to learn how we can help you reach the Military living around your community. 

We are full-time Missionaries to the Military, however we can only make due with what funds we have available to us therefore we ask that you would also consider taking us on for monthly Support as we live and work this Ministry completely by Faith in the fact that God called us to do it.

Your monthly support allows us to keep sending Care Packages to those deployed Troops as well as helping others learn how to reach the Military around them.

We have never been more sure of what God wants us to do than we are about reaching, helping, and evangelizing the Military and their families. Will you SHARE in this burden God has laid on our hearts?

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