Care Packages

Chips (2X)
These can be Potato Chips, Corn Chips, Doritos’s, Cheese Puffs, etc. We ask though that they be in a can like these which keeps them from getting crushed in shipping and allows the Troops to enjoy them whole instead of in small pieces.
M&M’s (2X)
One Plain and one Peanut 3.4oz packages please if possible, or two regular bags of each
Beef Jerky (2X)
One Regular and One Teriyaki flavored
Powder Drink Mix (2X)
These should be a box of the individual packets for 1liter water bottles. Protein Mixes are welcome too.
Peanuts (6X)
These come in a package of six .9oz packages.  However we pack them individually to fill tight places in the box.
Trail Mix
One 7 to 9 oz package
Wet Wipes
In the can or a box of individual wipes will also work
Sun Flower Seeds
One Bag of Shelled or in the shell
Cookies (2X)
Individually Wrapped or in Small Packages
Special Gifts as available

This list is merely a suggestion you can customize it how you like.  However these are items that fit into their cargo pockets so they can take them with them during a mission.

All of these Items can be purchased at most Dollar Tree or other dollar stores